SWOON / Mama's Day Bail Out Fundraiser

$ 250.00

Buy Art! Free Women! 100% of proceeds go to the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund campaign to bail people out for the holidays. 

***Limited Edition**** 3 color silk screen + hand painted on paper made from shredded criminal records. 

The Women in the People's Paper Co-Op Women in Reentry Advocacy Fellowship, sent their photos and poetry to artists across North America who then transformed their artwork into a powerful series of poster designs.

This powerful print was designed in collaboration with Pittsburgh based artist Swoon. The PPC team then silk screened this print on paper they made from their shredded criminal records. Limited edition series of prints.

11 x 17, one of a kind multicolor silk screen print on paper made from shredded criminal records. Each print is unique, only 10 (of an edition of 40) prints available!

Each print is shipped priority mail and comes with an additional 2, digitally printed, posters from the 2020 Mama's Day poster series!

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